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Waterjet Cutting

Marks' top-of-the-line waterjet equipment from Flow® offers fast, flexible and efficient cutting solutions for your project’s requirements, an alternative to traditional cutting techniques, particularly when materials are sensitive to high temperatures, reflective or are of a larger thickness material. Our waterjet uses an output of 87,000 psi to cut almost any material with precision to tolerances of up to ±.005. Leveraging this dynamic technology, we can cut almost any material into any intricate shape, leaving a satin-smooth, near-perfect finish that exceeds most quality standards.

One of the fastest growing cutting technologies today. Its ease of use and its ability to cut almost any material while maintaining high precision, make it suitable for a diverse field of manufacturing, from small short-run job shops to large corporations engaging in full-scale OEM production. Marks Metal Technology is ready to solve your most difficult cutting applications, such as cutting thick or dense materials to a level of quality that cannot be achieved by other cutting methods.

Our precision waterjet cutting services offer customers numerous advantages:

  • Efficiency: No tool changes and minimal fixturing reduces setup costs.
  • Precision: Our machines meet the strictest tolerances, up to +/- 0.005".
  • Versatility: We cut a wide variety of materials with near net accuracy, virtually eliminating secondary finish machining and are able to cut complex shapes effectively.
  • High material usage: Waterjet cutting maximizes material usage through tight nesting software, which lowers your cost per part.
  • No heat-affected zones: Waterjet cutting eliminates heat-affected zones and offers true part-stacking ability, with consistent tolerance layer to layer. This ensures that there is no burning or melting on cut materials.
  • Finish cut: Waterjet cutting is considered a "finish cut," with excellent edge quality immediately usable for signs and displays, which saves on finishing costs.
  • Production or Limited Runs on Short Notice - Flexibility and Speed - Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Production Directly From DWG™ and DXF™ CAD Files


± .005? Tolerance Within the Cutting Area – 87,000 psi.

Articulating “Dynamic” cutting head reduces taper and increases accuracy.

Custom Beveling Attachment for up to 60-degree straight bevels.

75”x297” Cutting Window - Can cut materials up to 8” thick.

Small holes/features can be cut into thick materials.

Can also cut structural steel sections (straight or curved).

Marks Metal Technology offers precision waterjet cutting on any of the following materials:

All Grades of Steel - Hardened Tool Steel – Mirrored Stainless Steel – aluminum - Composites – Ceramics Copper –bronze - brass - Inconel – Titanium - Rubber – Foam - Stones such as Marble, Granite, and Limestone Plastics such as Acrylic, Polycarbonates, and Composites.

Our senior-level waterjet machine operators are highly trained to handle the most challenging projects. We can source the material, cut, and provide additional Processing, Fabrication, or Machining as required. Whether it’s a machine-ready blank or an extremely complex cutout design, we can do virtually anything.

To learn more about Marks and the benefits of waterjet cutting for your business, please contact our Sales Team.

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