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Spiral & Specialty Bending

Marks is a premier single-source provider of specialty bending and forming services in the Pacific Northwest. Our skilled machine operators produce precision specialty bends that allow you to work through architectural obstacles affordably and efficiently. Compound bending or Multi-plane bending.

During a compound curve bend, steel or other metal is curved across two planes (called “elevation and plan view curves”). Marks specialists provide precision compound bending services that preserve the bend angle, wall thickness, and overall integrity of the structure. Compound bends are commonly used for architecturally exposed materials like those seen on curved buildings, arched roofs, domes, or ornate facades, this type of specialty bending may also require fabrication services to improve the look and functionality of completed products.

Offset bending

Commonly used to relocate or navigate a pipe or beam around walls, columns, or obstructions, offset bends are extremely useful in the electrical, architectural, and construction industries. The required bend angle is determined by how much offset your project requires, how much space you have for placement, and what size and type of obstacle you are working around. No matter what your required specifications are, Marks provides accurate and efficient custom offset bending services when other processes not feasible.

Reverse Curve Bending.

Reverse curves, also called “S” curves, are those in which the center of the radius flips from one side of a curved part to the other. These components are often used in ornamental gates and fencing projects. Marks Metal Technology uses a variety of custom metal bending techniques and technology to produce reverse curves that match our customers’ exact specifications.

Curved Stair Stringers for Spiral Staircases.

Marks produces curved metal custom stair stringers that are accurate, true, and plumb. After we manufacture your curved custom stair stringer, they can be shipped or we can fabricate completely in-house with bracing and ready to install. We are able to spiral stringers out of plate, channel and tube steel. In addition, we can make curved custom stair stringers for elliptical, reverse curved, and varying width spiral stair cases.

The applications for metal specialty bends are limitless, just imagine the possibilities. Projects with unusual designs are found in many of the largest construction projects as well as in the most exacting components in today’s marketplace. The use of unorthodox geometries continues to expand across numerous platforms due to its many benefits including aesthetics, strength, stability and durability. The advances in technology that we’ve employed at Marks allow us to perform specialty bends to be applied for thousands of uses.

Our team has produced some very unique and challenging components to enable our clients to save money, time and overcome difficult problems.

Some of these include:

  • Airplane Wing-mold blanks from high-strength alloy with multiple radii reversing conical segments.
  • Multiple radius elliptical and variable height cone segments for an art sculpture out of bronze.
  • Elliptical spiral stairs rolled and fabricated out of Stainless steel.
  • Multiple radius bridge column components out of 1” high strength alloy, rolled on pitch with multiple radii.
  • Multiple radiused and multi-plane cones for connector components on a glass dome building.
  • Elliptical Autoclave shells out of high-grade stainless steel in multiple sizes for the medical industry.

These are the benefits of working with the Marks Metal Technology team on your complex and challenging projects:

  • Technical expertise, tooling inventory, and custom capabilities allow us to create flexible solutions for any specialty bend project.
  • Value-added support services and in-house fabrication.
  • Versatility and Innovation that surpasses the competition.
  • Superior experience. Our fabrication specialists have decades of collective experience providing quality products that exceed your stringent project specifications.

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