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Rolling & Forming

Marks has specialized in rolling, forming and bending steel since 1946. Our experience, heavy steel fabrication facilities, and a wide variety of equipment allow us to form and manufacture many different types of custom components, segments and parts for our clients. Our plate and structural processing capabilities differentiate the company from others in the steel industry, with all in-house supporting processes such as laser and waterjet cutting, beveling, drilling, tapping, counterboring, countersinking, plate rolling, forming, machining and fabrication, we are a single source, one-stop shop. Our goal is to be our customer’s first choice for steel plate rolling, brake forming, and structural steel rolling. We strive to continually exceed our customer’s expectations through exceptional quality and service, while providing a safe work environment and culture of continuous improvement for our employees. We conduct multiple work in-process quality checks and provide documentation to our customers’ strictest requirements. Few, if any, other companies in the Pacific Northwest can match our rolling capabilities. Our Plate Department includes 9 plate rolls and 2 press brakes that can form a variety of shapes including single bend brackets, pipe clamps, cylinders/cylindrical segments, compound curves, concentric and eccentric cones/reducers, transitions (square to round, oval to round etc.), knuckle segments and spiral/circular stair stringers. We also have 9 structural machines in our Profile/Structural Department. When your needs require rolling, curving structural sections, or bending of any kind, Marks Metal Technology is up to the challenge. We are capable of rolling/forming raw materials to almost any shape possible, so draw on the resources of our specialist fabricators and machine operators who have years of accumulated experience to provide the best solutions to your manufacturing problems.

These are just some of the parts we can form/roll:

  • Angles - pitched staircase stringers
  • Wide flange beams - cylinders
  • Rail - odd shapes
  • Channels - re-pads for pipes and nozzles
  • Flat and square bar - abrasion resistant plate for a front-end loader
  • Tee sections - commissioned art projects
  • Pipe and Tube - conical segments

Marks has an inventory of roll bending machinery consisting of 3-roll and 4-roll technology to minimize the amount of additional forming stock required to produce parts, which eliminates extra material, labor, time, and money from your critical jobs. We have the right equipment and skilled personnel to handle almost any job.

Contact our Sales team to learn more about our rolling/forming systems and how our expertise can help your projects be successful.

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