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Plate Rolling & Forming

Since 1946, the tradition of excellence has been the cornerstone of Marks. We continue to be an industry leader in the field of custom steel shaping, forming and bending, thanks to high quality standards, an uncompromising commitment to our customers and the utilization of the most modern, diversified equipment and technology available.

Marks Metal Technology is your manufacturing source for CNC Press Brake bending, forming and roll bending. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines combined with multiple software options, repeatably produce highly accurate parts resulting in lower production costs and reduce downstream assembly and / or welding time. Our understanding of complex geometry and that spending 15 minutes more in the rolling/forming process can save hours in fit-up and fabrication. We have extensive bending tooling for our press brakes and a large complement of rolls to accommodate even the most complex parts Marks has 9 plate roll machines and 2 press brakes that offer a wide range of capacities.

Let Marks many years of experience of custom sheet and plate rolling/forming of cones, straight cylinders, shells and segments help solve your projects’ needs. Call for a Quote today!

Plate Forming

Marks has the equipment, tools and craftsmen to get your projects done right the first time. We offer in-house plate forming, on our 400-ton Cincinnati and 230-ton CNC Press brakes. Our highly skilled machine operators coupled with cutting edge Laser and Waterjet technology, innovative software and design can meet the tight tolerances and strict demands of just about any job. Marks Metal Technology’s precision press brake forming services are integrated with the machining, laser/waterjet cutting, beveling, rolling, and fabrication processes required to efficiently manufacture all your parts. With all these tools at our disposal and our value-added services, we get the job done faster and we’re able to control quality to a much higher standard. Our family here at Marks knows that the quality of your finished product depends on the quality of the parts you use, and we are committed to performing, providing you with products that meet your exact requirements, delivered on time and on budget. Benefits of CNC bending on our machines: Precision bend angle and bend location control for tight tolerance parts. Significant decrease of per part processing time when compared to manual machines. CNC controlled process means parts are nearly identical. High volume and ongoing part processing are easily accomplished. One of the techniques that Marks Metal Technology uses to put a radius in sheet or plate is to bump form the radius utilizing a CNC press brake. That is, we make a series of very small bends adjacent to each other for which the sum of all the bends is a uniform radius. Metal bump forming, while more expensive than forming in a sheet or plate roller, offers some important benefits, such as being able to more accurately locate the start and stop of the radius, starting it closer to the edge of the material, and ability to form a much tighter radius than in a rolling machine. Call our Sales Team today to see how our precision forming and other metal fabrication services can help solve your production challenges.

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