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Machining & Beveling

Marks Machine Department provides processes that include beveling, punching, drilling, tapping, boring, countersinking, slotting, turning, polishing, and face milling. We continue to evolve our manufacturing capabilities and equipment to meet customer needs. Our comprehensive fabrication experience allows us to create custom tooling/fixtures and tackle problem solving to meet the demands of complex jobs. All services are performed in-house, which eliminates third-party processing, in-turn eliminating added time and cost to your jobs. For Marks quality is first and foremost and we prove it by employing a full-time Quality Assurance Department that is constantly monitoring in-process hold points. We are committed to quality from the first stage of your project to the last, with strict quality controls in effect for all of our precision machining and support services.

Marks has the experience, tools and craftsmen to get your components done right, the first time!

We offer support services such as:

  • Beveling processes, for plate edges
  • Flame/Plasma cut bevels - Mechanical/Machine cut bevels
  • Waterjet bevels – Rotary bevels for curved surfaces - Jigs and Fixtures
  • Punching – Polishing - Fabrication Job Preparation

Our custom-built Beveling/Facing Mill provides high quality machine quality beveled parts, immediately ready for welding in your next project.

Machine Centers offering:

  • CNC Turning - Vertical Milling/Boring
  • Manual Mills and Lathes – Face Milling
  • Slotting – Tapping – Countersinking
  • Radial drilling
  • Prototyping - Short Run Production to full OEM Manufacturing

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