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Marks Metal Technology has established itself as the innovative leader in capabilities and methods related to the rolling and forming of plate and structural members. We also provide metal and steel processing services to fabricate almost any project imaginable. We provide circular stair and spiral stair components to exacting standards. We curve wide flange beams using the exclusive Diamond Curve technology.

Having great depth in both equipment and capacity, Marks Metal Technology offers the experience, flexibility, and skills required to meet your challenges and critical deadlines.

It is our goal to make your life easier by providing a high standard of quality and service. Knowing that each customer has their own definition of quality, we have created a system which is variable and applicable to all our customers. In some cases, a customer's definition of quality is to have each specification and procedure documented throughout the entire manufacturing process. In other situations, the customer's standard of quality is simply defined by receiving an angle rolled to a given diameter. In either case, Marks Metal Technology is prepared to provide our customers with standard procedures and the desired level of documentation to show that those procedures are followed.

Our combination of experience and equipment offers you a wide range of solutions and capacities in plate rolling. Whatever your need, whether large projects or small components, we roll and form plate to your exacting standards. At Marks Metal Technology, your project is not complete until we achieve your requirements in roundness, dimensional accuracy, and repeatability .

As needed for plate or structural fabrication, weld preparation is accomplished using mechanical or burned beveling processes. Our welding expertise includes TIG, MIG, and Sub-Arc. From simple tacking to certified procedures, we meet your needs. No challenge is too great.

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